Wednesday, February 21, 2018

RP - Innovation Design Challenge 2017

The Innovation Design Challenge 2017 is organized by the Republic Polytechnic and co­organized by PIXEL Labs of Info­communications Media Development Authority of Singapore.
Objectives of the Innovation Design Challenge 2017
  • Expose students to hands­on experience
  • Develop innovation capabilities and entrepreneurial mind­set through product design and pitching solution
  • Expose students to design thinking process of empathy and define the needs of the user, ideate creative solutions, build a prototype and validate the prototype
  • Create awareness and interest in innovation

The scenario that requires an engineering solution is as follows:

Mark is staying on Island A. He wants to send a gift to his grandmother who is staying on Island B, which is connected by a bridge. He injured himself during a soccer game and thus, he is unable to send the gift personally. Could you help Mark to build a transport vehicle to deliver the gift? He only has DC motoros, batteries, wires and recycled materials.

SST was represented by 4 teams of students from Secondary 2 to participate in this competition and the following teams achieved the following awards:

First Runner-up: Team Alexus 
Audrey Lew En Xi, Benedict Woo Jun Kai, Ean Kai Lew from S2-08
Merit Award: Team Far-fetched 
Chloe Wong, Khrisha Mayilsamy, Low Ying Sui Raena from S2-04

Participation: Team EXNU Alya Sufiyah bte Mohamed Subhan, Chua Li Qi Eleanor from S2-07 Participation: Team Samurai Chong Ing Kai, Elrond Hu KangSheng, Jeffrey Lim Htet Min Shein from S2-01

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Renda Fuzhong Xishan School visit

Spheghetti tower challenge and Fox Hunting Activity for Renda Fuzhong Xishan School students!


Maktab Sains Brunei

Maktab Sains Brunei students attending the Fox Hunting Activity organised by the SST Astronomy Club!


Wednesday, January 24, 2018

International Science Youth Forum (2018)

The International Science Youth Forum (ISYF) is a science enrichment programme for 
students from all over the globe. It is hosted at Hwa Chong Institution (HCI) and 
co-organised by Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Institute of Advanced Studies 
(IAS), bringing students from across Asia-Pacific together to network and dialogue, with 
Nobel laureates coming down to share their experiences in the scientific field.
ISYF celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2018 this year.

The aims of the ISYF are to:
1. Inspire Passion for Science Amongst Youth through interactions with Nobel Laureates 
2. Establish Cooperation and Friendship amongst Young Talented Science Students
3. Build Capacities of Science Educators through networking and collaboration 
4. Raise Singapore’s Profile as an International Hub for Science Education and Research

Through visits to research institutions and interaction with eminent researchers, ISYF 
introduces participants to Singapore’s plan to be on the leading edge of scientific learning 
and research.

SST was represented by
(a) Tan Zi Bo (S4-02)
(b) Stanley Tan Chang Long (S4-02)
(c) Lim Yi Zhen (S4-04)

Their project was “Investigation of the factors affecting the speed of sound”. In this project, 
our students found out that the speed of sound depended on temperature by the equation
V = 331.3 + 0.6T
Where T is the temperature in degree celcius

They also found that the speed of sound depended on the concentration by the equation
V = 355.5 - 0.012 C
Where C is the concentration of carbon dioxide  

Mr Tan Hoe Teck attended the educators conference and presented a topic on Field Trips 
as a platform for Science learning. Both students and teachers had an enriching time 
learning from each other in this international convention.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

National Science Challenge 2017 (14th season)

The National Science Challenge 2017 is into its 14th season. Since Jan 2002, the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) and the Singapore Science Centre have been organising this series of exciting science challenge in search for the brightest young minds in Singapore.
The National Science Challenge, was broadcasted on Channel 5 from September to October 2017 to spark an interest in science amongst students as well as the members of public. The competition takes the form of televised science quiz series. The National Science Challenge is a fun and exciting science learning experience for both participants and the audience. This hour long game show merges both outdoor and indoor science challenges in a bid to promote science education and foster creativity.
Riding on the success of previous years in 2014 (3rd) and 2016 (2nd), team SST 2017 participated in this years’ challenge and emerged third in 2017. The team members are:
Ng Kang Zhe (S3-07)
Benjamin Teng (S3-08)
Zou Yun Chuan (S3-02)
Hannah Khoo (S3-04)

It is an rollercoaster experience for the four students as they battle different rounds of the competition which covers the following categories:
Preliminary Rounds
  • Multiple-choice question
  • Imagineering Challenge
  • Science Communication

  • What’s your hunch?
  • On-site Challenge
  • Imagineering Challenge
  • Rapid Response

  • What’s your hunch?
  • On-site Challenge
  • Studio Presentation  
  • Rapid Response


National Science Challenge 2017 (14th year)

NSC Preliminary Rounds
NSC Quarter-finals
NSC Semi-finals
NSC Finals