Thursday, October 12, 2017

National Science Challenge 2017 (14th season)

The National Science Challenge 2017 is into its 14th season. Since Jan 2002, the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) and the Singapore Science Centre have been organising this series of exciting science challenge in search for the brightest young minds in Singapore.
The National Science Challenge, was broadcasted on Channel 5 from September to October 2017 to spark an interest in science amongst students as well as the members of public. The competition takes the form of televised science quiz series. The National Science Challenge is a fun and exciting science learning experience for both participants and the audience. This hour long game show merges both outdoor and indoor science challenges in a bid to promote science education and foster creativity.
Riding on the success of previous years in 2014 (3rd) and 2016 (2nd), team SST 2017 participated in this years’ challenge and emerged third in 2017. The team members are:
Ng Kang Zhe (S3-07)
Benjamin Teng (S3-08)
Zou Yun Chuan (S3-02)
Hannah Khoo (S3-04)

It is an rollercoaster experience for the four students as they battle different rounds of the competition which covers the following categories:
Preliminary Rounds
  • Multiple-choice question
  • Imagineering Challenge
  • Science Communication

  • What’s your hunch?
  • On-site Challenge
  • Imagineering Challenge
  • Rapid Response

  • What’s your hunch?
  • On-site Challenge
  • Studio Presentation  
  • Rapid Response


National Science Challenge 2017 (14th year)

NSC Preliminary Rounds
NSC Quarter-finals
NSC Semi-finals
NSC Finals


Saturday, September 30, 2017

Young Inventors Challenge (Kuala Lumpur)

The Association of Science, Technology and Innovation (ASTI) is a non-governmental organization (NGO) and also non-profit oriented organization working towards empowering young children through various projects such as Science Fair for Young Children (SFYC), Young Inventors Challenge (YIC), Creative and Critical Thinking Camp (CCTC), ASTI Leap Challenge (ALC), Teacher Conference and ASTI outreach programmes. YIC requires teams of up to 5 members to put their minds together and come up with an invention. The purpose of the programme is to build and encourage the creative and inventive capability of young people.

In 2015, SST sent 1 team of 4 students to this competition and achieved 4th placing overall.
In 2017, SST sent 1 team of 2 students to this competition and won the Champion for the Project Paper Writing, winning an award of RM500. Further details of this competition is found here:



Participating in the Young inventors challenge here in Kuala Lumpur has been and exciting and eye opening experience, with so many students from all around the world coming to this competition, we made many international friends. During the competition, the judges gave us a lot of feedback on where our project is lacking and how we could improve our project in the future. This feedback is invaluable to us and will help us greatly to improve our current project as well as allow us to not make the same mistakes in my other projects. Even though we did not win the main awards, I learnt a lot from this experiences and wish to participate in similar programs again.

JUSTIN (S3-07)
We participated in the YIC competition in Kuala Lumpur on the 30 of September. We were the only team from Singapore and during the competition, we made many friends from other countries such as Malaysia and Philippines. From this competition, we explored many ways of problem solving and used creative thinking to overcome the difficulties that we faced. In this competition, even though we did not win any of the main awards, we managed to have alot of takeaways on how to improve on our project and report writing skills in general. Hence, this competition was an eye opening experience and I hope to be involved in more of these events in the future.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

National Science Challenge 2017

Catch the telecast on MediaCorp Channel 5:
6 Sept – 11 Oct 2017Wednesday evenings, starting at 7.30pm.

06 Sept - Episode 1 - Preliminary and Second Round
13 Sep - Episode 2 - Quarter finals
20 Sep - Episode 3 - Semi-finals 1 (SST, RGS, HCI) 
27 Sep - Episode 4 - Semi-finals 2 (NUSH, DHS, SJI)
04 Oct - Episode 5 - Semi-finals 3 (TJC, RVHS, CHS)
11 Oct - Episode 6 - Grand Finals (SST, NUSH, TJC) 

The previous episodes in 2014 and 2016 features SST: 




Wednesday, July 26, 2017

East Zone A*STAR Science Fair

The East Zone Center of Excellence in Science and Technology is set up within Victoria Junior College to support learning in the Science and Technology.

This year, SST sent four teams of Secondary 2 students to participate in the East Zone A*STAR Science Fair on 21 July 2017.

West Zone Students' Science Symposium 2017

The West Zone Center of Excellence in Science and Technology is set up within the west zone to support learning in the Science and Technology.
SST sent six teams of Secondary 2 students to participate in the West Zone Students' Science Symposium on 26 July 2017.
The following team achieved the following awards:
Best Team, Lower Secondary Research & Development category
The title of their project is:  

Investigation of the factors affecting the motion of parachutes

For more details, refer to: