Sunday, July 23, 2017

IES Special Awards

Although SSEF was concluded in March 2017, the Institute of Engineers presented the Special awards for teams that have used the Engineering Design Process for their projects during the SSEF.

Benjamin Teng and Justin Tang received their awards from the IES on 21 July 2017 during the National Engineers Day 2017.


Energy Innovation Challenge 2017

The National Engineers Day (NED) is an annual event organised by The Institution of Engineers, Singapore (IES) to celebrate the achievements of engineers, inspire young engineers and intrigue the young generation in engineering.

As the national institution for engineers, IES is charged with the mission to advance and promote the science, art and profession of engineering. One of our key goals is to nurture future engineering thought leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs, to sustain the economic growth of Singapore and our quality of life.

During the NED, the Energy Innovation Challenge is organised to engage students in Engineering education. The theme for this year’s event is on the Urban Heat Island Effect.

The urban heat island effect is the situation where temperatures in urban areas are significantly higher than in rural areas, is increasingly becoming a concern in cities worldwide. High-rise buildings which block wind and have large surfaces to absorb heat, the lack of vegetation and the heat generated by energy usage are some causes of the phenomenon.

As a high-density city, Singapore is susceptible to urban heat island effect. Smart technology and eco-friendly features can be developed and implemented into some of our towns and homes. More effort needs to be done and awareness of the effect need to be shared with our would-be engineers.

Inspiring the EIC 2017 participants to look into the phenomena and challenging them to come up with ideas and products based on the effect would ensure that the finals will be something that we shall look forward to.

SST students were motivated to participated in this event. In total, 5 teams of Sec 2 and 3 students participated in the competition and 3 teams managed to enter the exhibition round. After the first round of judging, one team of students managed to enter the final judging round.

Team Electro Nexus, consisting of Oh Jun Rong, Valerie Tan and Kinjal Agarwal from S2-03, managed to emerge first runner up in the Secondary School competition. This is an improvement over last years’ results, where our students came in 2nd Runner up.

The team designed a structure which they affectionately called the “Carbon Helix” to overcome the Urban Heat Island effect.

Competitions such as the Energy Innovation Challenge provides a great opportunity to provide learning opportunities for students in the area of Engineering.
1st Runners Up
S34 - Electro Nexus consisting of Kinjal, Valerie and Jun Rong

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Singapore International Science Challenge 2017

Conceptualised by National Junior College in 2007, the Singapore International Science Challenge (SISC) is a biennial international event that brings together gifted students of age 15 to 18 from around the world to compete, collaborate and innovate in Science. The multi-disciplinary foci and integrated nature of the challenges provide an authentic backdrop for students to apply their scientific and technical knowledge to solving problems and creating impactful solutions.
The theme for SISC 2017 is Connecting Minds: Discovering New Frontiers. Underpinning this theme is the creative use of technology to create a smart globe that transcends the status quo of our human condition.
The four key areas of focus at the 2017 SISC are: (1) STEM Research, (2) Design and Computational Thinking, (3) Engineering Smart Systems and (4) Redefining and Transforming Education. These will be elucidated via four corresponding challenges and/or events: (1) the Research Challenge, (2) the Machine Learning Challenge, (3) the Design & Build Challenge and (4) the Educators’ Conference on Technologies in Education. Technology, its use, development and reconceptualisation, will be the undercurrent at each of the aforementioned challenges and/or events.
In addition to the student challenges, SISC 2017 also aims to build the capacities of our Science Educators through the teachers’ and principals’ programmes. These programmes enable the Science Educators to engage in professional discourse as well as establish and develop ties with counterparts from other schools around the world.
SST sent 3 students to this event from 27 June to 1 July 2017. They are
* Tan Zi Bo
* Dion Lum Qiuyu
* Benjamin Teng Liang Yu  

1. Machine Learning Challenge 

Tan Zi Bo was part of the team that won the 
- Grand Champion and Best Classifier Award 

Dion Lum Qiuyu was part of the team
- Best Scrutability Award 

2. Design and Build Challenge 

Tan Zi Bo was part of the team that won the 

- Most Marketable Product Award 


Monday, April 17, 2017

Marine and Offshore Challenge 2017

The Marine and Offshore Challenge (MOC) is a national competition organised by the School of Engineering, Ngee Ann Polytechnic on 12 July 2017. It is supported by the Association of Singapore Marine Industry (ASMI) and Singapore Maritime Foundation (SMF).

The event is further divided into two main competitions:
  1. Underwater Challenge
  2. Water Grand Prix
The MOC is open to all Singapore-based Secondary Schools. Students form groups of 2 to 4 members to participate in one of the above category.  

The water grand prix challenge is to design and build a water craft model with good performance or innovation. Awards are given to
(a) performance: Speed and payload
(b) design: most effective build, most realistic, most innovative hull design, most innovative propulsion design  

The underwater challenge challenge is to design and build an innovative underwater craft model that is able to complete a designated mission. Awards are given to:
(a) performance: Speed and mission accommplishment
(b) innovation: most effective build, best workmanship and aesthetic, most innovative hull design

The following teams won awards:

(a) Underwater Challenge: Gold Medal  
URO Flashbacks (S2-01)
Hu Kangsheng Elrond
Chong Ing Kai
Emmanuel Chew Rongzhu
Tan Tian Hao Kevin

(b) Water Grand Prix: Most Innovative Propulsion Design
S.S. Tetra (S2-07)
Keison Tan Jing En
Tew Jing An
Mikail S/O Faris Akbar


Wednesday, April 12, 2017

North Zone Elementz Science Research Conference and Exhibition @ AJC

Organised by the Elementz Lab, Center of Excellence for Science, Anderson Junior College, the North Zone Elementz Science Research Conference and Exhibition was held from the 10th to 12th of April 2017.
This annual event acts as a major platform to showcase the research projects of the students, and also for schools to use this opportunity to learn from one another.
10 of our students participated in the competition in 5 projects and achieved the following awards:

Category: Gold Medal


Thursday, April 6, 2017

Prove it! Contest 2017

Organised by National Library Board, Prove it! Contest 2017 is an inter-school competition that aims to challenge students’ abilities to search for information and develop a strong aptitude for research. Student teams will tackle various questions which will require them to analyse various sources and apply their information skill.

On 13 and 15 March 2017, eight SST students formed 2 teams of 4 each to participate in the Prove it! Contest. The following students came in first in the Preliminary Round held at Jurong Regional Library:

Nadia Rahman
Abigail Tan Huey Ern
Ling Wei Hsuen
Celine Chong Wen Jing

South Zone Millennium Challenge 2017

Organised by the Center of Excellence for Design, Saint Andrews Secondary School, the South Zone Millennium Challenge 2017 was held on the 6th of April 2017.

This annual event aims to enthuse and encourage students to apply the Engineering Design Process to build popsicle stick bridges, mechanical and motorised cars. Through this competition, students engaged in a fun and exciting afternoon testing their bridges and racing their cars.

16 of our students participated in the competition and achieved the following awards:

Category: Invitational Bridge 
4th: Zahin Rusyaidi B Sulami (S3-03) & Chong Zheng Xuan (S3-07)
3rd: Benjamin Teng (S3-08) & Berniss Chow Zi Min (S3-08)

Category: Invitational Overall
Pang Navan (S2-02) & Hung Fong Tai Hiller (S2-02)
Lim Hong Wei (S2-04) & Muhammad Faqih Akmal (S2-04)
Noah Gan (S2-05) & Arya Rajesh Kudlur (S2-05)
Chua Rui Ming (S2-07) & Triston Lim Minghui (S2-07)
Eleanor Chua (S2-07) & Alya Sufiyah (S2-07) 
Nathaniel Kuan (S2-08) & Lynn Myat Moe Aung (S2-08)
Zahin Rusyaidi B Sulami (S3-03) & Chong Zheng Xuan (S3-07)
Benjamin Teng (S3-08) & Berniss Chow Zi Min (S3-08)