Wednesday, April 12, 2017

North Zone Elementz Science Research Conference and Exhibition @ AJC

Organised by the Elementz Lab, Center of Excellence for Science, Anderson Junior College, the North Zone Elementz Science Research Conference and Exhibition was held from the 10th to 12th of April 2017.
This annual event acts as a major platform to showcase the research projects of the students, and also for schools to use this opportunity to learn from one another.
10 of our students participated in the competition in 5 projects and achieved the following awards:

Category: Gold Medal


Thursday, April 6, 2017

Prove it! Contest 2017

Organised by National Library Board, Prove it! Contest 2017 is an inter-school competition that aims to challenge students’ abilities to search for information and develop a strong aptitude for research. Student teams will tackle various questions which will require them to analyse various sources and apply their information skill.

On 13 and 15 March 2017, eight SST students formed 2 teams of 4 each to participate in the Prove it! Contest. The following students came in first in the Preliminary Round held at Jurong Regional Library:

Nadia Rahman
Abigail Tan Huey Ern
Ling Wei Hsuen
Celine Chong Wen Jing

South Zone Millennium Challenge 2017

Organised by the Center of Excellence for Design, Saint Andrews Secondary School, the South Zone Millennium Challenge 2017 was held on the 6th of April 2017.

This annual event aims to enthuse and encourage students to apply the Engineering Design Process to build popsicle stick bridges, mechanical and motorised cars. Through this competition, students engaged in a fun and exciting afternoon testing their bridges and racing their cars.

16 of our students participated in the competition and achieved the following awards:

Category: Invitational Bridge 
4th: Zahin Rusyaidi B Sulami (S3-03) & Chong Zheng Xuan (S3-07)
3rd: Benjamin Teng (S3-08) & Berniss Chow Zi Min (S3-08)

Category: Invitational Overall
Pang Navan (S2-02) & Hung Fong Tai Hiller (S2-02)
Lim Hong Wei (S2-04) & Muhammad Faqih Akmal (S2-04)
Noah Gan (S2-05) & Arya Rajesh Kudlur (S2-05)
Chua Rui Ming (S2-07) & Triston Lim Minghui (S2-07)
Eleanor Chua (S2-07) & Alya Sufiyah (S2-07) 
Nathaniel Kuan (S2-08) & Lynn Myat Moe Aung (S2-08)
Zahin Rusyaidi B Sulami (S3-03) & Chong Zheng Xuan (S3-07)
Benjamin Teng (S3-08) & Berniss Chow Zi Min (S3-08)

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

39th International C B Paul Science Quiz (2017)

Organised by the Anglo-Chinese Junior College (ACJC) Science and Mathematics Council, the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and National University of Singapore (NUS), the 39th International C. B. Paul Science Quiz 2017 was held on the 5th of April 2017 at ACJC.

This annual event aims to provide a platform for students to develop their aptitude and potential in the pure and applied sciences through critical thinking. Participants will be able to network with other like-minded students and scientists in Singapore.

22 of our students participated in the competition and some of them achieved the following 11 awards:

Category 1 (Lower Secondary)

Gabriel Yap Yong Kang (S2-04)

Ng Zhi En Reuben (S2-01)
Saffron Salmah Yen Lim (S2-03)
Yeo Jia Hao Calvin (S2-04)
Mikail S/O Faris Akbar (S2-07)

Chua Li Qi Eleanor (S2-07)

Category 2 (Upper Secondary)

Melodee Chia Meng Yin (S4-04)
Keith Tang Yi Heng (S4-05)
Cheryl Tan Cai Hui (S4-07)

Ho Matsuoka Evangelista Miyuki Sophia (S4-08)

ICBP Science Talent Award

Ho Matsuoka Evangelista Miyuki Sophia (S4-08)

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Science Castle

Organised by the Leave-a-nest Foundation, the Science Castle Conference is the platform that allows High School students from Japan, Singapore and Malaysia to compete in a Research Competition. The theme of the conference is “Advancing Science and Technology for Global Happiness”. The objectives of the conference are:
  1. to bring about global happiness through solving global challenges
  2. to support young researchers who engage in Scientific and Engineering Research

Three Main Features in Science Castle are:
  1. Science and/or Engineering Research Oral and Poster Presentations
  2. Networking Session of students from different countries
  3. Visits to Singapore’s University and Companies

The Research Competition was held from the 26th to the 27th of March 2017, at the iMDA-Pixel Lab at  Jurong Regional Library , Singapore.

The Theme of the event was “Turning Everyday Wonder into Scientific Adventure”. The judging criteria for the projects included the following:
1. ​demonstration of passion​ in the subject of study
2. development of a sound ​hypothesis​ of the project
3. able to summarize​ the results of the project in a scientific manner
4. able to generate interest in the topics
5. able to clarify the issues related to the research
6. able to conclude the discoveries of the project

Students from the following 3 classes presented the following 4 projects:  

Investigate the torque produced by different motors
S2-01: Liang Ying Hao Matthew, Jonah Choke Ming Kai, Tan Tian Hao (Mentor: Mr John Tan)

Development of a natural pH indicator using common kitchen materials
S2-03: Oh Jun Rong, Keith Tan Wei Zhe, Dominic Lee (Mentor: Mr Goh Yingrui)

Development of a Photovoltaic Biorock System
S2-04: Gabriel Yap Yong Kang, Goh Chin Ray, Lim Hong Wei (Mentor: Mr Ng Guohui)

Investigation of digestion time of different starchy substances
S2-04: Khrisha Mayilsamy, Chloe Wong (Mentor: Mr Ng Guohui)

Khrisha and Chloe’s project achived the Oral Presentation Grand Winner. Their project was not only aligned to the theme of the event, but also met the 6 judging criteria.  Both students and teachers benefitted tremendously from this programme, as it provided the opportunities for Cross-cultural understanding with our foreign delegates as well as opportunities for our students to Communicate their research, which was done as part of the Investigative Skills in Science module in Lower Secondary Science.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

STEP Sunburst Educators Programme 2016 ceremony

STEP Sunburst Science Educators Programme for Youth 2016-2017
As part of Science Centre Singapore’s commitment to the Youth Science Movement, a programme called the STEP Sunburst Science Educators Programme was launched in 2012. The youths have contributed more than 25,000 hours, reaching out to more than 40,000 participants in various outreach events. Following the success of the programme, this programme was offered to deserving youths in 2016.
SST submitted a team of 6 students over a period of 1 year. During this programme, the students are exposed to a series of training sessions to prep our students to be able to communicate scientific concepts to the public. The real test of their confidence was activated when the students participated in a series of outreach programme to the public at the Science Center, libraries, shopping malls and public spaces.
After 1 year of science outreach programmes, the following students completed about 5 projects each and clocked a total of 100 hours.
2016 Class
2017 Class

More pictures can be found here: